Scrum T-Shirt
Scrum T-Shirt
Scrum T-Shirt
Scrum T-Shirt

Scrum T-Shirt

Round collar T-Shirt

Made in Portugal
Size :

Référence : M23004-DARK BLUE

The Scrum T-Shirt is made of premium cotton without compromise (100% jersey cotton)

We claim a local and sustainable production! Design created in France, T-Shirts made in Portugal

For this reference, we propose a round neck with a straight cut

Scrum graphism printed on the chest

The T-Shirt has a tricolour inner lining

The product is pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and fading

T-Shirt sold with its historical card, signature of the brand!

Machine washable at 30°C inside out, wash with like colours, risk of disgorging, gentle ironing, machine drying not recommended.

Free delivery depending on your country.
Articles can be returned within 30 days.
Express delivery available.

The history of the productSCRUM

It is well known that rugby starts in front. The English, pioneers of rugby, say "no scrum, no win". This illustrates the importance of imposing oneself on the opponent in a showdown. If today the scrum is a well-organized phase of play that sanctions a minor foul or a stoppage in play, this has not always been the case.

In the early days of Rugby there was as much avoidance as confrontation and when the ball was stopped there was a huge, violent and anarchic scrum. Moreover, Rugby, whether played with 50 players, or later with 20 and finally with 15 (from 1875 onwards), was at that time only a sport of forwards. The notion of forwards and backs did not exist. It was not until 1922 that the forwards were organized into three lines and it was decided that only three players would make up the front row.

Since Rugby turned professional (in 1996), the number of scrums per game has decreased continuously, and dramatically, by 43%.

Made in Europe

Our production is located in France and Portugal.

We worked hard to develop high quality products: the design, the cut, the stitch, the colours... Attached to authenticity that lays deep in the brand DNA, we indicate the place where our products are manufactured, France or Europe.