History of the brand


It is inspired by the very first French sport symbol before the rooster !


At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the French teams of track and field, soccer, rugby, tennis, fencing, and many other physical activities are recognized abroad having displayed the two intertwined rings. They represented the most influent French sports organization from that time. These rings have also inspired the creator of the most famous sport organism of the world.

Created in 1887, the organization U.S.F.S.A. (Union des Societes Francaise de Sports Athletiques) disappears with its rings at the beginning of the 20s. They are progressively associated with the rooster who replaces it once and for all to become the irreplaceable emblem of the French sportsmen. Today, we bring back these rings and tell their story and they sign all our products.


a french brand founded by two sports passionate brothers


Starting from a book on the history of rugby, Benoit realizes; the jerseys from the old time are beautiful, authentic and all have a story to tell…



He then decides to remake in the traditional way the forgotten rugby and soccer jerseys and to adapt their stories on an inspired collection recapturing the embroideries of origin. Very quickly, Geraud jumps into the adventure. The two brothers associate and adapt the concept to many sports and develop the brand in France and internationally.



Today, we still propose numerous "vintage jerseys" inimitable by their quality. These replicas of original jerseys are produced in France. We also propose a large variety of “ready to wear” products which merge fashion and the history of sports.

Produced in France or Portugal, the style is sportswear and vintage. We choose the theme of our collections depending on the sports calendar or current trends. When our designs are not replicas, they are winks to the history of sports to be discovered. Therefore, each product has a story that we explain in a hangtag associated with the product.


Our products are made in France and Portugal

We make every effort to design products of great quality. We pay attention to every details at each step of production. Attached to the ADN and authenticity of the brand, we indicate when our products are made in France or in Europe.

This choice allows us to guarantee the best quality and locally sourced products. We have selected our partners for their expertise and have been working with them since the beginning of our adventure.

In France, we principally produce the “vintage jerseys”. Our partner has 100 years of experience in the production of sports jerseys. Starting with rugby shirts from the beginning of the last century, we have put in place with our partner a unique and exceptional jersey fabric, very unique by its quality and weight. In our workshop, each step of production are made locally (dying, knitting, cuts, embroideries, and making), only the yarn is imported. This is rare and we are proud to contribute to this exceptional French expertise.

In Portugal, our partner is a family’s SME based in the north of Porto. This company works with high end renown women and men’s brands. The company has a great expertise of producing circular knitted products, which means for t-shirts, polos, and sweatshirts. And it fits perfectly if you look at what we offer.

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