Irland 1895
Irland 1895
Irland 1895

Irland 1895

Rugby polo

Made in France
Size :

Référence : 15093-VERT IRLANDE
  • Heavy jersey cotton knitted in the original 12 gauge style
  • Clover embroidery on the front
  • 4 button front panel

Machine washable at 30°C inside out, wash with like colours, risk of disgorging, gentle ironing, machine drying not recommended.

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History of the product


Despite what one imagines, the first Irish jersey was not green with a clover but white circled with green!

Difficult beginnings for the Irish who had to wait 5 years after their first match to score a point, but we are in 1880! Unimaginable looking at their history since.

They won their first test against Scotland in 1881 and in 1884 came to Cardiff two men short to play Wales and had to borrow two Welsh players. Their first win at Lansdowne Road was in 1887 when they first beat England. Their first win over Wales was in 1888.

This re-edition jersey, from Sports d’Epoque was inspired by the first ever photo of their green jersey dated 1895. We love its original cut and embroidery and the green colour we have chosen represents the historical years and stands out from the green jerseys worn by Ireland today.

Made in Europe

Our production is located in France and Portugal.

We worked hard to develop high quality products: the design, the cut, the stitch, the colours... Attached to authenticity that lays deep in the brand DNA, we indicate the place where our products are manufactured, France or Europe.