England 1871
England 1871

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The match was played with 20 players a side and two 50 minute halves to the match !

The first international rugby match. In December 1870 five Scottish football clubs invited English footballers to participate in a match played using “Rugby Rules”. This challenge was ignored by the England Football Association but Blackheath, one of London's oldest clubs selected the 20 players who were to be the first to wear the famous “red rose”. This England international jersey did not really change for the next 10 years! The day of the match, Monday 27th March 1871, “The Scotsman” ran an advert giving the time, the place and a 1 shilling entrance fee. 4,000 people came to the match.

Edinburgh’s Raeburn Place, became the venue for the first ever international match. It was played over two 50 minute halves and Scotland narrowly won with a goal and a try to only one try by England. In those days the try simply gave a chance to kick at the posts, a “try at goal”, the ball going over the post was the score and a goal, which is now called the conversion. There were no penalty goals, as it was understood that gentlemen would not cheat.


England 1871

Rugby polo

Made in France
Color : GREIGE
Size :
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Référence : 15049-GREIGE
  • Heavy cotton jersey 400g
  • Material knitted in the original 12 gauge style
  • Rose leaves and stem embroidered
  • Rose in polyester cotton

Machine washable at 30°C inside out, wash with like colours, risk of disgorging, gentle ironing, machine drying not recommended.

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