"Gendre Idéal" shaving soap
"Gendre Idéal" shaving soap

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All the soaps of our partner Clean Hugs are made in France, artisanal, vegan, made with 100% natural essential oils with antifungal and antibacterial virtues (tea tree, palmarosa, niaouli). No palm oil, no preservatives, no artificial scents. They clean and protect your skin while ensuring the hydration it needs. Soap designed by sportsmen for sportsmen. Handcrafted.


"Gendre Idéal" shaving soap

Shaving Soap

Made in France
Color : JAUNE
Size :

Référence : CLEAN0008-JAUNE

Moisturizing and nourishing

shaving soap

Natural and organic Our cold saponified shaving soap has been specially formulated containing effective essential oils with antiseptic and skin soothing properties to ensure a comfortable shave with ideal hydration.

You are clean-shaven, upright and respectful. You should be proud to put your clean face forward, embracing others freely and with confidence. To use, lather the Gendre idéal soap on the area to be shaved. Shave as usual. Rinse off with clean water, slowly lift your face to the mirror, admire yourself.

You are beautiful, you should be proud.

Vegetable oils: Organic Copra, Organic Olive, Organic Castor Oil.

Essential oils: Fine Lavender, Atlas Cedar, Rosemary

Allergens naturally present in essential oils: Limonene, Linalool

Weight: 100gr

Essential oils : Palmarosa, clementine, cade wood, geraniol, limonene, linalol, citral
Vegetable oils : coconut, sesame seed

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Made in Europe

Our production is located in France and Portugal.

We worked hard to develop high quality products: the design, the cut, the stitch, the colours... Attached to authenticity that lays deep in the brand DNA, we indicate the place where our products are manufactured, France or Europe.