Rugby : the Project


Ultra limited edition of 15 rugby jerseys, each label numbered

At Sports d’Epoque we are fascinated about rugby jerseys which have left their on the history of this sport. Since 2007 we have been manufacturing replicas of rugby shirts in our French workshop.

"often copied but never equalled
in style and quality"

we contribute to this sport’s culture by bringing back its forgotten heritage. We wish to go even further.

"Our ambition is to create the world’s largest library of rugby jerseys"

We offer you the opportunity to participate in this project through an ultra limited edition of 15 jerseys with numbered labels.

To start the project we are bringing back UK Public School’ shirts from the end of the XIX and early XX century

Rugby was invented in these schools. At that time, Pupils often met on a sports field to defend their colors against nearby "Houses". These pupils and their alumini have spread this sport to the rest of the world by creating the first clubs.

They are therefore the first rugby jerseys. The colors, the shapes are all different, the details, the embroideries and badges are also very unique. This large diversity of rugby shirts makes the challenge more complex and yet even more exciting. We are proud to pay tribute to the young British who are the source of rugby.

Each jersey is made in an ultra-limited edition of 15 units in our workshop in France

The neck label is numbered from 1 to 15 with the year of production. The number 0 you see in the picture corresponds to the prototype. We will launch at least one new rugby shirt every week except during the months of July and August. We prefer the beach during summer time.

Our library is called on to expand!

If you would like to develop, in collaboration with Sports d’Epoque a limited edition of a rugby shirt which has marked the history of this sport, please contact us at

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