1940's Football ball - John Woodbridge

A John Woodbridge Leather football ball, sewn and polished by hand.

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An original example of the rugby balls used in the 1930's.
A unique gift for all rugby enthusiasts
Easy to re-inflate thanks to its exterior valve.




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The history of this product

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The 1930's leather football ball by John Woodridge

John Woodridge is a new French brand inspired by the elegant handicrafts of the early 20th century. Starting with a travel range where satchels and briefcases are designed with the elegance of yesteryear, this brand also has several sports products that throw us back into the fervor of last century's sports. What a perfect match to bring together the sports kit and accessories that Sports d'Epoque and John Woodbridge propose so you can relive the legends and passions of the past.

3000 years ago the chinese were already playing with a ball made of skin filled with hair and feathers. It was in the Middle ages that the first ball appeared in Europe made out of pork intestins, and then wrapped in leather. This was used until 1842 when the rubber intestin was invented which gave a more spheric shape. The laces on the ball helped to close and protect the valve, but get in the way when one tries to do a header... Therefore the continuous improvement of the ball came from the multiplication of the leather panels, a synthetic covering to make the ball waterproof, and the end of laces replaced by a special seam to protect the valve. It was in 1970 that the first legendary ball with 32 black and white leather panels brought football into the modern era...


  • Made by John Woodbridge & Sons,
  • 9 leather panels in a T form, 
  • hand sewn and polished. 
  • Lace and inflation valve. 
  • Circumference : 71 cm. 
  • Diameter : 21 cm. 
  • Weight : 355g.

Cleaning instructions

Don't leave out in strong heat or rain. Wash delicately with a cotton cloth and a special leather stain remover if needed. Easily re-inflatable with its valve and a ball pump.

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