Pre orders

How does it work ?

The concept of pre-order is that your product is not yet produced! We start production in our workshops after the sale

Benefit is clear and simple

Environmental footprint:

We have manufactured what is ordered with a slight stock (exchanges,..) ; there is no overproduction, therefore no mess. In our approach, we strive to ensure that products are produced locally and therefore in short circuit.

Economic effect:

there is little or no stock, you participate in the financing of the product since the production is launched once the pre-order is completed. This approach makes it possible to offer you the fairest price.

The counterparty

The counterpart is that you have to wait for the production before receiving your order! The good news is that the manufacture (made in Paris) in limited series will start from the first pre-orders, the latter will therefore be delivered from 31 August


When will I be delivered?
For this operation, you will be delivered from 31 August (perhaps earlier for the very first orders)

Can I return and change my order and how much time do I have to change it ?
Yes you can return or change the product ! You have up to 15 days after receipt of the product to do so

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